Directory of Major Malls
Directory of Major Malls

What is included in the access?

Online subscription access includes the power to search, view, print, Export and group the vast property details, tenant lists and contact information for the individual listings and available site/leasing plans. Trade Area Maps, Mobile observations metrics, extended demographics, segmentation, cross-shopping analysis, Anchor Store status and tenant mix metrics and more.

Four (4) Subscription Levels to choose from. All levels include access to complete standard listing details, contacts, site plans, metro area maps and tenants lists. Functionality varies by subscription level.

1. Classic  – Search, View, Print and Group. Print Individual Center Detail Reports. Trade Area Maps and demographics, Retail chain Type metrics, Anchor Store Status and GLA metrics

The “Researcher” : Ideal for a general understanding of Major Shopping Centers details and quick access to prospecting lists and contact details of a center.

2. Enhanced   – Classic Level PLUS Custom Reporting AND Exporting of center details, contacts and anchor stores, Primary Market demographics and Annual Mobile Observations

The “Planner” : Provides high level mobile observations and enhanced demographics data to measure future engagements.

3. Premium – Enhanced level Plus Extended Demographics with housing, age, gender income, Average Miles traveled to center, Total % of Top 5 PRIZM segments, Top Cross-Shopped Center

The “Analyst” : Best option for Brokers & Leasing professionals that need a dynamic view of the Center, Mobile and Tenant mix metrics.

4. Mobile Analytics – Premium level Plus  Next Level  5 yr foretasted demographics,  Trade Area Analysis with Visitor Metrics, Top 5 PRIZM Segments with Lifestyle Behaviors & Preference details, Toursim Traffic metrics and Top 5 Cross-Shopped Centers and more….

The “Growth Strategist” : Peak access to more robust mobile observation data, demographics & detailed customer profiles to drive investment, site selection, tenant negotiations, deeper development analytics.

Above access is for single-user access to ALL US and Canadian listings on the website. Regional subscriptions are available.

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