Is there additional demographic information available for the listings?

We offer an add-on dataset for the online subscriptions to DMM which we refer to as the Trend Demographic Add-on. This dataset is included in the Premium level access or may be included as an add-on to lower subscription access levels.

The variables included may be viewed, searched, exported and are included in the Trend Demographic Report option.

To create this data, the latest Trend Demographic data from Scan/US has been cross referenced with the exact location of the individual U.S. shopping center/mall locations and aggregated to create our enhanced demographics data. These Buffer Zones reflect demographic data for 5, 10 and 20-miles around each individual U.S. shopping center/mall location in the DMM database.

Variables included in this dataset are:

  • Average Household Income
  • Population
  • Number of Households
  • Median Age

Scan/US, one of the leading demographic providers in the GIS industry is the data source for the Trend Demographic Variable. These demographics trends are based upon small area estimates and projections from the professionally tailored demographers of Scan/US and their associate research firms.

In addition to the standard Trend Demographic dataset mentioned above, we are also able to offer additional custom demographics based upon the DMM shopping center and mall listings such as the ethnic/race breakdown around US shopping centers.

This option would be based upon your specific needs and quoted as such. Please contact us to inquire further.

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