Directory of Major Malls
Directory of Major Malls

Technology Integrations

Few decisions are more strategic and have longer-term financial and operational implications than a facility location decision.  With the rise of reliance on consumer-centric technology, online shopping, and last mile delivery logistics, it has become even more critical to create and manage strategic site selection analytics prior to securing a brick-and-mortar retail location.  It makes no difference if you are expanding, consolidating, or just monitoring market performance, location analytics is the first and most critical area of focus to avoid million-dollar mistakes in brick & mortar site selections.


DMM’s comprehensive dataset, when integrated into many different platforms, creates one of the most robust and streamlined vantage points into the assessment & impact of retail locations in relation to major shopping centers in the US & Canada.

Location, Location, Location

Understand Target Market Voids

Intuition & past performance can’t tell you where the next big opportunity is, but strategic analytics and understanding of how consumers behave around an existing or new site can.


Integrating DMM’s 300k+ retail locations and shopping center profiles generates the wealth of data to:


√  Pinpoint Locations, Density of Targets & Secondary customers.

√  Recognize Voids or Overlaps In Trade Areas.
√  Identify & Avoid Areas of Cannibalization.
√  Visualize Saturation of Target Customers in Relation to Forecasted Locations or Existing Competitors.

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Extract Opportunities Your Competitors Are Missing

The ability to see the broader perspective of your business against the backdrop of existing competitors means actionable strategies can be implemented to drive greater returns on investments in brick & mortar locations.

As a platform agnostic source of major shopping center data, DMM’s repository of more than 8,700 centers and 300,000+ chain & non-chain stores joins seamlessly with external platforms and other metrics such as mobile observations, demographics & segmentation profiles. 


√   Who Are My Target Consumers?

√   Where Else Can I Find My Target Consumers?

√   Are My Competitors Engaging With My Targets?

The RIGHT Place, The RIGHT Time, The RIGHT Tools

Outperform & Outpace The Competition

The ever-changing landscape of business requires a move from historical approaches to decision-making.  Traditional business intelligence maps of sales by store alone are no longer relevant.  Companies require more sophisticated analytical models to quickly identify the next big opportunity after considering recent consumer behaviors.


Combine your existing internal data with external data streams to predict how consumers will react, or not react, to the introduction of a new location.


√   Delineate target consumers within the trade area of the site being studied.

√   Review key customer behaviors for you & your competitors in retail stores or shopping centers.

√   Forecast & project sales potential & cannibalization.

√   Estimate market share captured for the retailers or shopping centers in a market.

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Take Action! Target Success.

DMM’s strong strategic partnerships gives direct access to teams and information that drive greater levels of consumer activation, returns on investments and effective marketing spend.

While DMM integrations get you closer to a robust understanding of the retail players and customers, the next major step is to engage your targets with proven methods and measures.

Stop wasting money & time on anonymous leads that don’t produce. What you need is a full- service marketing execution plan that is unified across all channels which will increase the number of consumer activations and align your marketing efforts to the strategic activities that work.

By marrying your first-party data; Target consumer profiled derived from licensed DMM data; Claritas’ 8,000+ syndicated audiences; and 10,000+ demographic and behavioral attributes, optimized audience profiles can be created to connect the dots on both your CRM and prospect lists across email, social media, and/or display campaigns.

Other Integrations

Numerous Non-retail real estate focused platforms along with Research and Government entities have taken advantage of the DMM’s robust dataset of major shopping centers and tenants to integrate into their solutions, analysis, and case studies.


The nature of DMM integrations into other platforms creates powerful, informative solutions that stimulate growth and increase market share.

Banking & Commercial Lending

Consumer Intelligence

Stock Ticker Tracking

Automobile Market Strategy & Planning

Online shopping and physical retail

Market Basket & Transaction Analysis

Security Infrastructure Monitoring is:




Actionable. saves you:




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