Directory of Major Malls
Directory of Major Malls

Who uses the DMM data and website and why?

Retailers – Both Major retail chains and up and coming retailers use DMM to locate and analyze new locations, review existing markets as well as pinpoint the competition

Specialty and Seasonal Retailers, such as those leasing carts, kiosks and in-line space on a short-term basis year round or just during the holiday season. DMM helps identify those major centers with specialty leasing programs and the specialty retail leasing contact.

Owner/Developers and Management companies who build and manage shopping centers and malls use DMM as a valuable reference tool. DMM helps them analyze the tenant mix of other centers in their area, other locations of stores that are tenants in their projects and keep track of what companies oversee other major retail locations.

Financial Institutions and investments companies managing stocks owning shopping centers use DMM. This segment of the industry needs to react quickly to changes in the industry such as store chain closings and openings, the sale of portfolios of shopping centers and malls sales, new developments and construction and properties affected by natural disasters such as hurricanes and floods. The investment portfolios they analyze are affected by this type of activity on a daily basis.

Some examples are: When a major department store chain files bankruptcy or a retailer decides to close all the locations of one of their chains, which centers are affected? Who owns these properties? How much of their property portfolio is affected by closings? What effect will that have on the overall stock value for both the landlord and the retail chain?

Suppliers and service companies who are involved in such things as the sale of security uniforms, recycling services, energy management, stroller rentals and gift card programs use DMM to identify and contact new prospects and sales leads at the individual centers. The DMM Top 50 Portfolio section in the print Directory also allows them to evaluate the size of a company based upon the number of listings they oversee. Use of the DMM data in the electronic formats allows them to search by specific companies and export contact information for marketing and direct campaigns.

Marketing and Promotional companies who help promote businesses through publicity campaigns and advertising find DMM a resource for marketing analysis, marketing contacts (ads you see in the mall, shopping bags, give-aways, cleaning service, valet parking.

Architectural and Design Firms of the malls or stores as a reference to other properties and retail locations as well as to promote their services.

Construction companies involved in the building and renovation of shopping centers malls and stores. DMM provides information on proposed centers and those underdevelopment as well as those planning a renovation or expansion.

What if I have questions about the data and DMM products?

Our customer service and sales staff will be happy to assist you in determining how DMM can best serve your retail information needs. Call (845) 348-7000 x204 or use our contact form.

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