DMM Retail Boundaries

DMM RETAIL BOUNDARIES are virtual geographic boundaries created in collaboration with B.I. Spatial.

Retail Boundaries licensed from Directory of Major Malls use a shopping center or mall as an anchor point. The resulting Boundary file is meant to be the best representation of the larger retail environment associated with the corresponding shopping center or mall.

DMM Retail Boundaries can be used in many GIS platforms as a visual reference, or as a means of collecting additional data on an area.

With precise Retail Boundaries you can generate more reliable insights and focus on innovation.

DMM Retail Boundaries file gives you the additional data you need to inform your decision-making. Instead of focusing exclusively on consumer behavior at your property, our file gives you a broader perspective.

You’ll be able to identify and analyze:

  • Where consumers are going before they arrive.
  • Where they are going while on your property.
  • Where they go once they leave your property.

Representing a larger sampling of the retail environment, DMM Retail Boundaries are unique because they:

  • Exclude non-retail outparcels whenever possible.
  • Utilize the most recent imagery and site documentation.
  • Verify active or inactive retail areas.
  • Provide more targeted mobile device analytics & geofence based advertising.

Through our partnership with B. I. Spatial, you can get a comprehensive set of analytics that can include:

  • Customized Retail Boundaries.
  • Retail Boundary Heat Maps.
  • Daypart Analyses.
  • Cross-Shopping & Competitive Retail Analyses.
  • Consumer Behavior Patterns.
  • Customer Segmentation Profiling & Analyses.
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Retail Boundary

IMPORTANT: It is important to note that although the Retail Boundaries use the corresponding shopping center or mall as an anchor point, the derived Polygons are not meant to be a legal representation of the property or its retail tenants and therefore should not be used as such.

Leverage the DMM Retail Boundary file to ensure the accuracy of your site analysis.

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Note: This dataset is available under separate custom licensing. It is currently NOT an add-on option for the online access.