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Leading retail market intelligence firms, GIS mapping service providers, commercial real estate developers, retail chains and restaurants rely on Directory of Major Malls (DMM) for accurate and up-to-date data on over 8,900 shopping centers and tenants in the US and Canada.

Details on the 8,868 major open-air shopping centers, lifestyle/specialty, entertainment mixed-use, value retail and enclosed malls in the U.S. and Canada which are approx. 200,000+ sq. ft. and larger in size, their 321,985 associated tenants and 42,957 VIP contacts. Now with mapping so you can pinpoint and interactively map and zoomin to the actual locations of any major US and Canadian shopping center. Custom data products including geocodes, trend demographics, reports, and mailing lists, contact files.

Custom Data Products

1 Licensed DMM Major Shopping Center/Mall data

DMM’s major Shopping Center dataset offers the complete attributes for each DMM shopping center and mall listing including the complete list of 300k+ associated tenants and manually verified Longitude/Latitude coordinates (Geocodes), both of which are not available through the online subscription access option. This dataset can be used for integration into third-party mapping (GIS) /Analytic applications for non-commercial, internal use.

Additional enhanced data options include*:
  • Claritas Enhanced Demographics
  • PRIZM® Segmentation Data
  • Near™ Mobile Activity Metrics
  • NAICS code append to tenants
  • DMM Trade Areas
  • Shopping Center polygons/geofences
*provided via partnership with BI Spatial

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2 Custom Databases, Prospecting / Contact Files

If the online access site reporting and exporting of the major shopping center and mall data is not the solution for you, speak with one of our sales representatives to discuss your specific needs. More complex data filtering or delivery can be handled in-house on a custom basis. Please note this custom service begins at $500 and pricing is based upon data extraction, content and delivery format.

Contact Files Reports and Mailing Lists based upon your specific needs. Standard formats with any one or more of the six primary contacts can be included along with other fields of data from the most current / Directory of Major Malls database. Available in a variety of “raw” database formats for import for your internal, non-commercial for research, marketing and sales prospecting.

Titles include:
  • Owner/Developer
  • Leasing Agent
  • Property Manager
  • Management Company
  • Marketing Director
  • Specialty Leasing Contact

3 Historical Major Shopping Center & Mall Data

As a major source of shopping center and malls data for over 35 years, Directory of Major Malls has maintained an electronic archive of the data used in the DMM products for almost as long. Our archive dates back over 25 years with details, tenant lists, contact and location information. Contact us today to find out more information and to discuss how this data can be licensed for research and analytic uses. View a list of historical datasets available.

4 DMM Retail Property Boundaries and Geofences

Integrate the DMM Retail polygon dataset into your geospatial technology to see an unbiased and accurate retail trade area to produce mobile, demographic logistics,cross-shopping consumer data analysis and more.

Formulate precise results about the shopping center trade area, locate market area voids, study consumer activity, conduct targeted marketing campaigns, optimize outdoor advertising and make better site selection decisions for your stores.

DMM polygons are developed using a proprietary process which integrates the DMM property details and tenant data, and is vetted to eliminate unrelated structures and irrelevant roadways in order to provide the most accurate polygon for your analysis. Increased accuracy means less errors in your output.

This dataset is available under separate custom licensing and is NOT an option for the online access.

5 DMM Shopping Center ‘Story Reports’ provided by BI Spatial

Extensive Trade Area studies including mobile traffic metrics, trade area analysis, segmentation integrated with BI Spatial Precision with Privacy™, National Mobility Grid™ and DMM major shopping center details. Request more details using the form below.

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