Directory of Major Malls
Directory of Major Malls

How to Run a Company Search Query

1. Run a search query by clicking Start a Query:

Start a Query

2. From here you can filter based on many different categories:

Filter Categories

Note: You may search a single category to filter results or apply multiple categories altogether.

There are 7 search categories which include: General Info, Geography, Demographics, Physical Features, Leasing Info, Companies, and Stores

3. Since this is a tutorial for a Company Query, we will (select) the Companies tab:

Sorty by Company

4. Enter Keywords for the company name. If you would like to narrow your selection down further, choose a Company Type.

Sorty by Company

Note: Your search will then be limited to those companies in the company type category you selected! To increase the # of records in your results, you may NOT want to use this additional filter.

Note: It is not necessary to select a Company Type when searching your Keywords.

There are 4 different Company Types: Owner Developer, Leasing Agent, Management Company, and Specialty Leasing Company.

5. After entering a Keyword and (if necessary) choosing the Company Type, you will see your results in the middle-left box (Section A). Choose and make selections of companies you would like to add to your Search Criteria.

Sorty by Company

Note: Make your selections by highlighting the company (or companies) and clicking the green arrow button pointing right.

6. After selections have been made to the middle-right box (Section B), click the View button and scroll down to see your results.

Sorty by Company

Note: If you would like to remove the selection from Section B, simply highlight it and click the green arrow button pointing left:

Sorty by Company

If you would like to remove all selections in Section B, simply click the double green arrow button pointing left:

Sort by Company

Note: You may also want to add additional search criteria by combining the company filter with other search category criteria, such as physical features or geography. Be sure to click the View button each time you add criteria to refresh the results list.
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