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Directory of Major Malls

Can I export data from the website?

Yes, some of the subscription access levels do allow you to export the DMM data from the website for your internal use only. However, please note, this function is available ONLY with the  “Enhanced”,  “Premium Level”  and “Mobile Analytics” access level.

The Classic tier has the option to add-on a “Contacts Only” export which includes a very limited group of fields..

With the appropriate subscription level, complete details for each of the listings along with the Anchor stores may be exported to a .csv file for your internal use.

Our export function allows you to select the fields you would like to download and save the selection in a profile for re-use in future downloads. This is a great time-saver and allows for consistency in your exporting activities. More details here.

Click here for Instructions on How To Export

Any data exported from the website is protected by copyright and as a subscriber and/or user of the site, you are agreeing to strictly abide by these terms and restrictions as found on our Terms of Use page.

Please note: Although full tenant lists appear in each of the shopping center listings and may be viewed on screen and in printed in a detail reports, the export function includes ONLY the Anchor stores for each center to be downloaded.

If you require the complete tenant list as an external file, please see our custom database licensing page for details on alternative off-line licensing and speak to a sales associate for a custom quote. This alternative option is priced separately from the online access on a custom basis and is not available as an option on the website.

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