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Directory of Major Malls

How to Export Data

(You must have one of these access levels: Classic with Contact Export, Enhanced, Premium or Mobile Analytics)

1. Run a search query by clicking Start a Query:

Start a Query

2. From here you can filter based on many different categories:

Filter Categories

Note: You may search a single category to filter results or apply multiple categories altogether.

Export sections Include: Center Details including Anchor Stores, Physical Features, Primary Market and Demographics, Mobile Analytics and PRIZM Segmentation, Cross Shopping, General Info, Geography, Demographics, Physical Features, Leasing Info, Contacts (Owner/Developer. Leasing Agent, Property Manager, Property Mgmt Co, Specialty Leasing & Marketing)


3. After selecting the proper Search Criteria, click the View button and scroll down. Scroll down and check your results. Click the Export Data button to begin setting up the export process:

export data

4. After clicking the Export Data button, the following pop-up window will appear:

export data

Please Note: Exports are limited to 2,500 records. Therefore if your results list count is higher, you will need to divide your list up in order to process an export. We suggest using GLA ranges or specify by Region to divide the list easily.

5. Click “OK” to continue to the fields selection screen

Please Note: You will not be able to return to your search criteria once you begin the export process. Therefore, if you want to save your search results, hit Cancel from the pop-up window.

export data

Then click Save As a Group. This will take you through the process of saving the results as a Group before continuing the export process.

Enter a desired group name that will help you remember this group and click the Save Group button.

export data

Saving results as a Group allows you to open the list of results without re-running your search later from the My Groups option on the menu.

export data

Additionally, a Group may also be used as a search criteria and merged with other groups for cross-referencing. See the Groups Instruction Guide for more details on the process and benefits of creating a Group.

6. After clicking OK from the small pop-up window, you will see the following screen with the list of all fields available for exporting. Depending on your subscription access level, you will the individual details you have permission to export:

Screenshot of exportable details and anchors from ShoppingCenter.scom (page 1)

Please Note: After selecting the fields you would like to export, you can save an Export Profile for quick access by clicking the drop down menu. Select New Profile.

export data

(Only a partial view after selecting the fields you would like to export)

Enter a desired name for your profile. Then click Save.

export data

Once saved, you can Load existing profile(s) for re-use as shown below:

(Only some of the fields have been selected)

7. Once the Export Profile has loaded or fields are selected, click Export ### Listings to start the export process.

export data

8. Select to Save File or “Open With Microsoft Excel (default)” to open immediately in Excel once the download is complete:

export data

Please be patient. If you have selected a larger number of fields and/or records, this process may take a few minutes.

Note: You may also delete saved Export Profiles using the Delete option on the export field selection screen.
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