Directory of Major Malls
Directory of Major Malls

How to Find Co-Tenancy Situations

Our Group creation utility will help you with this task:

1. Use the “Start a Query” to run a search for a store or stores.

2. Once you found a store (or stores with different variations of the store name) under the “Store” tab, add a single store selection by highlighting under the box on the left (“results“) and click the single green arrow button to add to the box on the right (“selections“) or if you prefer all the “results“, add them all to your “selections” to filter by clicking the double arrow button. Then click the “View” button and scroll-down to your filtered results.

3. Click the “Save as a Group” button.

4. Give the group a name and click the “Save Group” button.

Then you have the choice of doing one of two things:

5a. Click “Start a New Search” (located just below the green “View” button on the query screen)

6a. Run a search for the second store(s) (“Adidas Stores”) AND include the group you created in Step 4 (“Under Armour Stores”). Click the “View” button and scroll down for the results, which will show you locations of the 2nd store(s) search cross-referenced with the 1st list of stores.

Or try this another way

5b. Click “Start a New Query” for the 2nd store(s) and click “Save as a Group”. Give the group a name and click “Save Group”.

6b. Click the “Merge” button option on the group page and select the 1st group (“Under Armour Stores”) you created to intersect with the 2nd group (“Adidas Stores”).

7b. Choose the other group to merge with (“Under Armour Stores”).

8b. Choose “Intersect “xxxx” with current result set?

9b. This result will show you the co-tenant locations.

10b. Save the results as a NEW group by clicking the “Save” button.

11b. A pop-up dialog will show and choose “Cancel” to save it as a new group

12b. And finally give the group an appropriate name and click the “Save Group” button.

13b. Now you can recall all three of your groups anytime by clicking the “My Groups” option on the menu and opening the group. You could also mark your favorite groups with a star to locate them easily on other screens.

Please Note: The groups you create are basically “snapshots” in time of the locations at the time of the search. So a search query and/or group you just created are based only upon the listings as they stand in our database at that particular time. Therefore they will not update as additional locations are added or changed for the tenants. This also goes for any other records saved in a group. In order to extract the latest locations for each tenant, it would require a re-running of the same steps as stated above.
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