Directory of Major Malls
Directory of Major Malls

How to Add / Remove Listings from Groups

One of the features you have is to add / remove listings from your groups PLUS create a new group directly from the listing detail screen.

So next time you are viewing the details of a listing, take a look at the Groups box under the General Info tab

If you haven’t made any groups yet, learn how to make a group by checking out how to find co-tenancy situations, which is one of many instances for making a group.

Once you have made your groups, you will have the option to add a group filter to a current list you are viewing by marking the desired group box

Conversely, you can remove the group by unchecking the group box you don’t want to filter

And lastly if you click on My Groups next to Dashboard, you will be able to see all your groups and mark your favorite groups for easier visibility by click the star icon on the left of the desired group
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