Directory of Major Malls
Directory of Major Malls

How to Locate Centers Planning an Expansion

1. After logging on to your account, click “Start a Query” from the dashboard.

2. Click the “Physical Features” tab.

3. Use the “Expansion or Renovation Planned?” field and mark the “Yes” radio button.

4. Click the “View” button to see the summary list of all centers in the results below. (scroll down to see the list)

5. You can now choose to view each individual listing or save to a Group. If your subscription access level allows it, you may also print the records to a report or export some of the data fields for use in your personal use off-line.

6. To filter the list further, scroll back up to the Query area and use additional fields to focus your results further. For example: Add a size minimum of 500,000 to the GLA field to only see listing which are at least 500,000 sq ft in size AND planning a renovation/expansion.

Please Note:

You can of course apply additional criteria to the QUERY so you can filter further with regard to location, physical configuration, etc.

If adding additional criteria, don’t forget to click the “View” button again after adding additional criteria to update the summary list of centers.

After finalizing your search criteria, you might want to consider saving the results to a new group by clicking the “Save as a Group” button which can then be used as one of the criteria on the “General Info” tab on other searches.
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