Directory of Major Malls
Directory of Major Malls

In what formats is the DMM data available?

Online Subscription – Directory of Major Malls | online format gives you unlimited access 24 hours a day. You can run searches, view and print details on centers individually as well as view the 54 major metro area maps and over 3,900 site/leasing plans. Our enhanced data, fast access and comprehensive information allow you to maximize your time and increase your bottom line!

Online Contact Files and Reports – Visitors to have the opportunity to access the DMM data in a variety of pre-formatted, reports and file downloads on a “pay per record” basis for non-commercial, internal use. Simply run a Free Query and view the results of your search and a list of fees for the reports and downloads. Payment is made online by credit card with immediate access to your purchase.

Custom Databases – If the self serve site is not the solution for you, speak with one of our sales representatives to discuss your specific needs. More complex data filtering or delivery can be handled in-house on a custom basis. These datasets can include complete shopping centers listing details, contacts, tenants lists and longitude/latitude coordinates.  Please note this custom service begins at $500 and pricing is based upon data extraction, content and delivery format.  Call us at (845) 348-7000 ext 204 for further discussion or use our contact form below.

V.I.P. Contact Files – database files, mailing lists and reports can be created for you based upon your specific needs. Standard formats with any one or more of the six primary contacts can be included along with other fields of data from the most current DIRECTORY OF MAJOR MALLS database. The files are available in a variety of “raw” database formats such as XLS, and ASCII Delimited for import into third party software such as; Excel, Act and Microsoft Access, for internal, non-commercial for research, marketing and sales  prospecting.

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