Directory of Major Malls
Directory of Major Malls

Where the Elite Like to Eat… Shop with a cop… Wisdom of Brick-and-Mortar… details in the latest dmm e-news

An Online Retailers See Wisdom of Brick-and-Mortar Retail Presence

Remember the days when Best Buy, Sears – even you –
were scrambling to set up a website and join the digital revolution? Well, it turns out the folks who were born and exist online are scrambling to get a piece of the real-world retail action. According to an article on The Huffington Post, Rent the Runway, an on-demand formal wear startup from Manhattan, is planning to establish several retail stores in several metropolitan locations (which also, according to the NY Business Journal, has reportedly raised $60 million to build the stores in more than a dozen markets and a distribution center). The experiment began for Rent the Runway in New York, Las Vegas and Washington, D.C., and will soon be expanding to other areas. “We've seen that physical retail works for us. When you see some of this inventory in person, it's on a whole other level,” said Jennifer Hyman, Rent the Runway co-founder. Others such as and Naadam Cashmere are also getting in on the act, according to this report from New England Cable News (NECN).

Malls and Shopping Centers Host Regional “Shop with a Cop” Programs

Several tragic headlines have dominated the news
and the nation in the past several weeks, each seemingly more tragic than the last, for a variety of reasons. For many people, tragedy doesn't stop the good work that needs to get done, despite the passionate opinions in either direction folks may have. So, in putting aside the hatred and negativity that may exist among certain factions, and possibly in an attempt to not only make lives better, but to change opinions all sides of the issues, local authorities have been working with their communities in what's known as the “Shop with a Cop” program. The name is pretty self-explanatory, and you can find many examples all across the country, including Baltimore and Newark (MD), Council Bluffs (IA), and Macon (GA).

The Top 5 Super Chains “Where the Elite Like to Eat” Are…

Last year, Beitz and Daigh Geographics teamed up with AggData
to find out which restaurants are most prevalent in the United States' “Super Zips” or those zip codes that are ranked highest based on college education and income. “By taking AggData's database of nationwide restaurants and overlaying them using GIS on the Super Zips, this gives an interesting look into which restaurant chains have the highest penetration into this elite demographic,” noted David Z Beitz, President and Co-Founder of Beitz and Daigh Geographics. What do you think of this Top 5 list? Let us know by sending us an email or Tweet us (@Dir_Major_Malls) and use #fancyeats.

DMM Storymap:
Phoenix, AZ

Check out the latest ESRI Storymap that has just been posted online. This latest map provides details about Phoenix, Arizona. The Phoenix-Tucson area is home to more than five million people and generates economic output of more than $250 billion, just slightly less than Hong Kong, making it one of the fifty largest economies in the world. DMM has been an ESRI data partner since 2005, providing shopping center and mall data for use in ESRI Location Analytics. Click here for more information about the ESRI story maps, and another recent DMM/ESRI Storymap titled “The Future Revealed.”

Spotlight Listing: Hanes Mall, Winston-Salem NC

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