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Directory of Major Malls

New Data Alert: Q1-2024 Mobile metrics for U.S. major shopping centers and malls

Mobile Activity Shifts

+87% : Average Top Quarterly mobile activity change
-47% : Average decrease in activity
-13%: Average change between quarters

New release – Q1-2024 Mobile metrics for U.S. major shopping centers and malls

We are excited to announce the release of latest release of trade area analysis for the DMM major shopping centers and malls in the U.S.

Top 5 recurring PRIZM segments across the DMM dataset Top 5 PRIZM segments for Directory of Major Malls June 2024 data release. Top 5 recurring PRIZM segments across the DMM dataset 1. Cruisin' to Retirement 2. Country Squires 3. Middleburg Managers 4. Country Strong 5. Big Sky Families Visit for more information.

  • Cruisin’ to Retirement
  • Country Squires
  • Middleburg Managers
  • Country Strong
  • Big Sky Families

Additional highlights include:

📈 Top 10 increases for mobile activity by Qtr:  74% to 113%
All 10 are open-air centers with 40% located in the Western region

📉 Biggest decrease in mobile activity by Qtr: -50% to -47%

🚗 Average Miles Traveled to a property: 10.27 miles

🏬 Cross-Shopping Reporting : Highest this quarter: 31% Unique Visitors and 49% Visiting Both centers

Addition variables include:

  • Cross-Shopping Reporting
    • Top 5 Cross-Shopped Centers with center types and distances
    • Nearest Competing Center and e
    • Nearest Comparable Center w. distance
    • Nearest Competing and Comparable sh ctrs
  • Area Visitation Metrics:
    • Tourism % and distances
    • Average Distance Traveled (multiple variables)
    • Nearest Competing Center w. distance
    • Nearest Comparable Center w. distance
    • Top 5 Visitor Segment distance
    • Avg. Miles Traveled by Visitors to the property
      o By Center Classification
      o By Center Type
      o By Region
      o By Top 10 Landlords
  • Anchor Store Status and GLA Metrics
    • Total Anchor GLA
    • Total Closed/Vacant Anchor GLA
    • % of Total GLA with Closed/Vacant Status
    • Owner Portfolio GLA metrics
    • Filter to identify and Locate Closed/Vacant Anchors
    Tenant Lists
    • Categorized Tenant Lists (16 Categories)
    • Retail Chain Type Metrics (National, Regional, Independent)

    …and more

Sample Mobile Visitor Metrics and PRIZM Segments Sample Trade Area and Mobile activity metrics from

Sample cross-shopping reportingSample Cross Shopping Analysis from / Directory of Major Malls

Keep Reading about DMM’s mobile metrics, enhanced trade area analysis, demographics and segmentation variables (partnership sources include: Claritas, PRIZM, Azira mobile data and BI Spatial). 

Access these “Ready Made Results” quickly and easily to achieve these results

  • Identify potentially distresses properties ripe for acquisition of redevelopment
  • Focus on which centers compete by visitor traffic and center classification
  • Understand  target consumers activity and behavior  more succinctly
  • Making faster decision. Focus Your Efforts

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