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Looking at the Year Ahead in Retail Real Estate

Thanks to a positive economic outlook for 2015 driven by jobs growth
and a sharp drop in gas prices, we are looking at high street markets to
continue to grow next year. With the U.S. economy in recovery mode,
confidence has increased and banks’ confidence has increased, which has
led to loans being given more freely. That translates to a healthy
rebound of the ability to finance – whether you’re in the QSR world or the
apparel world.

The U.S. economy created 2 million-plus jobs in the first nine months
of the year, and nearly 10 million since the beginning of 2010,
according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, with gains expected to
continue – even intensify – through 2015. A secondary factor is the sharp
drop in gas prices, which puts more money in consumers’ pockets. This
has contributed 4 percent, as of September, year-over-year growth in
retail sales, according to the U.S. Census Bureau.

Here are the top five predictions of developments we will see in retail in 2015:

1. Luxury retailers continue to thrive. With the
lion’s share of income gains going to high earners, luxury retailers are
thriving throughout many of the top global markets such as Paris,
London, New York and prime cities in Asia. Brands that are rapidly
expanding include Netherlands-based Scotch & Soda, Sweden-based
H&M and U.S.-based Michael Kors. Scotch & Soda is expanding its
online operations and opening new stores in… (Read the rest of the article and the complete list of predictions)

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