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Directory of Major Malls

Niagara Falls Frozen? … GGP Offers 5 Retail Trends… Galloway on Pure Play E-commerce… details in the latest dmm e-news

Frozen Niagara Falls Can't Freeze out Canadian Shoppers in U.S.

You've probably seen the photos of Niagara Falls
, frozen in this seemingly endless frigid winter. What you may not have seen is the throng of shoppers streaming across the border from Canada plunking down their cold cash in U.S. shopping outlets. According to the Buffalo News, retailers at Fashion Outlets of Niagara Falls have been drawing Canadian shoppers, despite competition from The Outlet Collection at Niagara, the new shopping behemoth north of the border. The article notes, however, the decline of the Canadian dollar and varying tax rates make picking out a new dress or big screen TV more than just about what shoppers like, – as a calculator comes in handy on these shopping trips.

General Growth Properties' CEO CEO Sandeep Mathrani Offers 5 Key Retail Trends to Watch

Financial news website
has a list of the top five key retail trends from General Growth Properties' CEO Sandeep Mathrani. In addition to Technology (“complex IT systems to support customer shopping in stores and online”) and Online Retailers (“incubator[s] for bricks and mortar”) Mathrani suggests that Distressed Retailers “actually represent an opportunity for many top tier malls… to increase revenues.” It is advice that perhaps should be heeded… the company's earnings call on January 29 has been characterized as “upbeat” as results for the fourth quarter of 2014 generally exceeded expectations.

NYU Stern Marketing Professor Scott Galloway answers the question “What Should Online Retail do with the Warehouse? Make it a Store!

NYU Stern Marketing Professor Scott Galloway
was recently on “Bloomberg Surveillance” to discuss e-commerce companies and the need to move beyond online sales and open brick and mortar locations. “Pure play e-commerce doesn't work. You're going to see Amazon [and others] open stores,” he proclaimed. When asked if the move was to gain foot traffic or make the most of a warehouse, with just a hint of sarcasm, he noted that “We've found that these incredibly flexible, robust warehouses are called stores.” In summary, he noted that companies that have strong multichannel retail are going to outperform companies that have weak digital efforts. “When you are stronger digitally you're in-store sales go up, the future is multichannel and digital.” Check out the full segment in this 4-minute, 25-second Bloomberg video.

DMM Water Cooler Stats and Data

With the NCAA's big basketball “parade of anger management” competition right around the corner, and the inevitable statistical dissection of student-athletes' accomplishments on the hardwood and in the classroom ahead, we'd like to remind you of the data that matters most to you and your business. DMM's data is presented and organized in a way that makes the most sense for you and your corporate interests. It starts with our 8,000+ listings with more than 300,000 tenants. While Gonzaga, UCONN, Kentucky, North Carolina, Duke or some Cinderella team may be the schools that fans root, root, root for, it's Sephora, Ann Taylor, Macerich, Zales, Cushman & Wakefield, CBS Outdoor, Chick-Fil-A, Taubman and the rest that we focus on, so you can thrive and succeed. For more about how our customized data can score for you, click here.

Spotlight Listing: Toronto Eaton Centre, Toronto ON

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