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Top 5 Restaurant Super Chains: Where the elite are likely to eat.

By David Z Beitz, President and Co-Founder of Beitz and Daigh Geographics

AggData and Beitz and Daigh Geographics have teamed up to determine and analyze the restaurants that are most prevalent in our nation’s Super Zips.  Author and social historian Charles Murray first coined the term Super Zips in his analysis of the nation’s zip codes in relation to their percentile ranks in college education and in income. The zip code’s ranking is a number between 0 and 99 representing the average of its percentile ranks in college education and in income. Using 2013 income and population data from Esri, the 1,097 zip codes with rankings of 95 and higher are identified as Super Zips.

By taking AggData’s database of nationwide restaurants and overlaying them using GIS (Geographic Information System) on the Super Zips, this gives an interesting look into which restaurant chains have the highest penetration into this elite demographic. This study focuses on 294 restaurant chains with 50 or more locations in the United States and looks at the chains that have the highest % of inclusion in the Super Zips.

To see where your zip code ranks – check here:

If you are a real estate developer or leasing professional doing business in areas with high income and education, keep an eye on these restaurants below.  One of these just might be your next deal:

Rank Restauant Total # of US Stores Super Zip % Categories URL
1 Pret A Manger UK 52 75.00 sandwiches
2 Cosi 91 59.34 eateries
3 Jerry’s Subs & Pizza 62 46.77 pizza, sandwiches
4 Zpizza 84 45.24 pizza
5 Corner Bakery Cafe 161 40.37 eateries

#1 Pret A Manger: 75% of Pret’s locations fall within a Super Zip.

Pret started in London in 1986 and it’s first location in America opened near the New York Stock Exchange in 2000.

This restaurant concept is known as a  “cross between a good restaurant, an Italian coffee bar and a bullet train”.

Pret A Manger

#2 Cosi with 59.34% of locations within a SuperZip.

Cosi started in 1996 with one restaurant based on a small Parisian Cafe.

Today Cosi is a place with a “comfortable, urbane and contemporary atmosphere… A place where all elements combine to stimulate the senses and create a lasting impression.”


#3 Jerry’s Subs & Pizza with 46.77% of locations fall within a Super Zip is an American fast casual sandwich and pizza restaurant chain based in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area.

First store opened in 1954 outside of Washington, DC.

Self-described as “more than a sandwich shop. It is more than a pizza shop. It is America’s two hottest franchise concepts rolled into one. In addition to our signature line of specialty cheesesteaks, our menu features a variety of overstuffed subs, pizza, and related food items that are both delicious and unique.”

Jerry’s Subs & Pizza is well-positioned to service the needs of the Super Zips in and around DC. The map to the left shows their DC store portfolio in relation to the Super Zips in that area.

#4 Zpizza: 45.24% of locations fall within a Super Zip.

Founded in Laguna Beach, California and in business over 25 years.

Zpizza falls into the category of  “better-for-you pizza… the largest gourmet pizza franchise in the world that features fresh, organic ingredients.”


#5 Corner Bakery Cafe: 40.37% of locations fall within a Super Zip.

Opened 1991 in Chicago, IL.

Self-described as a restaurant “with real kitchens in place of assembly lines; over 40 types of fresh herbs, fruits and vegetables; a real panini grill; and ovens that work all day long to deliver freshly baked breads and desserts.”


Keep in mind that this analysis is done at the zip code level.  Zipcodes can have large disparities in income and education levels based on specific locations within the zip code.

This Super Zips analysis of income and education could be performed at the block group level of geography to increase accuracy. Also for a different way to view the data, this analysis can even be performed with drive times and custom trade areas around portfolios of stores and/or shopping centers.  By using this analysis, real estate professionals can learn more about their own properties or the properties of retailers that they are targeting for potential deals.

If your company has a need for location data and/or location analysis for research or marketing please contact either AggData or Beitz and Daigh Geographics today.

Representatives from both companies will be at this year’s 2014 ICSC RECon in Las Vegas to discuss the results of this study.  If you are interested in meeting during the show please contact either company to set up an apportionment.

AggData LLC is a data service provider. AggData is short for “aggregate data”; the site provides usable, portable databases of information extracted from across the web. Specializing in location-based information, such as complete geocoded lists of retail chain locations, the quality of the data is assured by extracting from original, first-hand online sources, rather than re-tooling third-party databases.  For more information on AggData, please visit

Beitz and Daigh Geographics, Inc., an Esri Business Partner, provides cutting-edge GIS (Geographic Information Systems) technology solutions for organizations looking to visualize, research, analyze, and display location data.  Nationwide professional services and consulting are provided using the latest GIS software from Esri, the world leader in GIS.  Professional Services offered include: Market Planning & Site Selection, Location Marketing, Demographic Reports, Site Planning, Web-Mapping, Mobile Application Development, Trade Area Analysis, Predictive Analytics, Target Customer Analysis, and Site Planning. Consulting services include data creation, data management, software,  training, GIS project scope creation, and cloud-based GIS implementation for mobile devices. For more information on Beitz and Daigh Geographics, Inc., please visit

©2014 AggData / Beitz and Daigh Geographics, Inc. The information contained in this study has been obtained from sources believed to be reliable.  However, we make no guarantee, warranty, or representation of this information.

Data Sources: AggData, ESRI, American Community Survey, U.S. Census Analysis performed by AggData and Beitz and Daigh Geographics.  Websites for each retailer mentioned in the report.

Reprinted with permission from Beitz and Daigh Geographics

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