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EV Charging and Retail Shopping Centers. A link to electricity and opportunity

Electric Vehicle and Charging Station metrics in the US and at shopping centers. Source: Directory of Major Malls /

Where do people charge their Electric Vehicles?

How many EV charging stations are located at shopping centers?

Already over 3,000 shopping centers in the U.S. have EV charging facilities. Plus with the increasing number of vacant anchors at major shopping centers and the re-development and re-imagining of others, there are vast swaths of empty parking lots and the opportunity for shopping center landlords to make the “connection” and get involved in providing space for EV charging stations. DMM has already identified over 50% of the US shopping centers with charging stations at shopping centers

Over 3k U.S. Shopping Centers have EV charging stations

The placement of an EV charging station can attract drivers who might not normally visit the property and capture the attention of passing through the area, especially those positioned near major highways. The attraction of access to charging stations provides more opportunities to draw in more visitors customers to the property and expose them to the retailers, restaurant, services and other tenants located there.

Electric vehicles (EVs) are becoming increasingly popular in the United States. Over the past several years, the number of EVs on the road in the US has grown significantly. In 2020, despite the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, EV sales in the US increased by over 4% compared to the previous year. Many states and municipalities offer incentives, such as tax credits and rebates, to encourage the adoption of EVs.

Major automakers have already made significant investments in EV technology and are increasing the number of EV models in their lineups. In addition to major companies such as Tesla, General Motors, and Ford, some others recently entering the market are; Revia, Lucid, Polestar, BYD, Vinfast, Fisker and NIO.

More Electric Vehicles =  increased demand for EV charging stations

With the recent passing of the infrastructure bill by the US Department of Energy, there is now funding for projects to develop innovative medium-and heavy-duty EV charging and hydrogen corridor infrastructure plans serving millions of Americans across 23 states.

The intent is to build a national network of 500k EV chargers along US highways in communities and by 2030, have over 50% of new car sales be for electric vehicles. As more EV automobiles are driven in the US, the demand will continue to increase for convenient locations for EV charging stations.

A grant program will be launched to make funding available to deploy publicly accessible charging and alternative fueling infrastructure in communities across the country, including at schools, grocery stores, parks, libraries, apartment complexes, shopping centers and everywhere else Americans live and work.

Some shopping center owners have already been on board with providing EV charging stations. One of the earliest installed was at South Coast Plaza in 2010. Simon Property Group reports they are currently available at 125 of their centers.  CBL Properties has over 100,  Westfield and other landlords across the country continue to add to the stations as demand continues.  

As EV charging vendors continue to build their network, consideration as potential sites could be where the over 4k vacant anchor stores at major properties across the US are located. With  acres of parking lot space once allocated to the anchor potentially now available, there may be additional opportunities yet to be discovered.

Contact a DMM expert for more details on acquiring DMM’s EV shopping center location list and accessing the DMM major shopping center and mall dataset to identify the opportunities for your Electric Vehicle related service.


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