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DMM Retail Industry e-News Issue #231

Demand More from Your Data… Starbucks Powers Morning Commute with Level Three EV Chargers… Rapper Kanye West Files Trademark for Retail Shops

shopping onlineDemand More from Your Data – Putting Those Digital Downloads to Work

Shoppers have all sorts of tools to help them navigate the shopping process, for example: which stores to shop at, where the best sales are, shipping costs (if applicable) and much more. Companies are also using data not only to create those experience for consumers, but for retailers to make the best decisions about what’s best for their business. PSFK is a consumer and retail trends research and content provider and recently listed several examples of companies that are doing unique things with their data. “Simon Search, a new search solution from shopping center operator Simon Property Group, lets shoppers look up whether the products they want are available and in-stock at participating retailers within a Simon mall or shopping center,” and “Shopify has built new offline infrastructure to help its merchants connect with more people in-store.” If you aren’t already a DMM / user, become one today and make your data work for you!

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ev chargingStarbucks Powers Morning Commute with Level Three EV Chargers Along with Tall Cups of Java

As gasoline prices continue to top $4 per gallon, many are considering electric cars as their future transportation choice. In Australia, for example, many shopping centers are installing charging stations to help attract customers who can spend some time shopping and eating while their car gets powered-up. The Sydney Morning Herald recently noted it’s part of a plan by down-under shopping centers to become more sustainable, thanks to Evie Networks‘ fast, universal charging stations. “The stations cost 40 cents per kWh per use and by making fast-charging a seamless part of customers’ shopping experiences will help advance our mission to accelerate the adoption of EVs in Australia,” said Chris Mills, chief executive, Evie Networks. The move isn’t exclusive to the southern hemisphere. While many malls here in the U.S. have EV charging stations in their parking lots, retailers are getting in on the concept. CBS MarketWatch recently reported how Starbucks is working with Volvo and ChargePoint, a California-based operator of independently owned EV charging stations, to install what they call “DC fast chargers” at various Starbucks locations. “DC fast chargers (also known as Level 3s), the ones Starbucks is installing for its test…can charge an EV 16 to 32 times faster than Level 2s. A mid-range DC fast charger can recharge the average EV on the road today to 80% in about 30 minutes,” noted columnist, Paul Brandus. The test will help Starbucks determine whether customers come in for a recharge to quench their thirst, and a recharge for the cars. Perhaps they’d and linger to savor the coffee, and a few other treats, just a little longer than they might have otherwise.

yeezyThink It’s So Yeezy? Rapper Kanye West Files Trademark for Retail Shops

Rap star Kanye West once sang about a woman who wanted to marry him at a mall. I don’t suggest you Google the ditty, the title of which your humble e-newsletter editor won’t repeat here, as it and the lyrics are very NSFW. That notwithstanding, Mr. West may be coming to a mall near you, though not necessarily to get married, but to sell wares to shoppers. According to a recent article by the New York Post, the former Mr. Kardashian, who also is known as “Yeezy,” has filed to trademark “YZYSPLY.” The tabloid says the filing calls for “retail stores [and] retail store services” in addition to “on-line ordering services and on-line retail store services.” The thought is that he may be putting his footwear line, and other fashion items, under the “YZYSPLY” (“Yeezy Supply”) brand. The Post also cited a 2015 interview West did with Vanity Fair outlining his goal of becoming a retailer: “I’ve already embraced the moment of when I finally get to have my own store, which was always a dream of mine. So even though we do really amazing sales online, my dream is just to have my own store. And to have multiples of it.”

Spotlight on a Top 10 Growth Market Center:
Citadel Mall

Top 10 Growth Market Center: Visitor traffic has grown by 11.3% in the last 12 months.


Citadel Mall
2070 Sam Rittenberg Blvd, Suite 200
Charleston, SC 29407



Gross Leaseable Retail Area
1,025,741 sq. ft.

Year Opened


Retailers Include
Belk, DICK'S Sporting Goods, Dillard's, Southwest Cinemas Citadel IMAX 16, Target, Champs Sports, Rainbow, Authentiks, China Masters, Shrimp & Grits Café, Beauty Line, VSKI Salon, Hokus Pokus, Master Fix

citadel mallCitadel Mall, located in Charleston, SC, is in one of the Top 10 Growth Markets in the US. Citadel Mall has seen visitor traffic grow by 11.3% in the last 12 months.

According to trade area analysis available on

  • Mobile Data Metric – Current Rolling 12 Month Count for Visitor Traffic: 172,958
  • Primary Market Population: 475,259
  • Average Household Income: $93,279
  • Number of Households: 189,168

spotlight trade area mapClick Image to View Larger

Where Do Shopping Center Visitors Come From? knows!

shopping areaUnderstanding the true picture of where a center’s customers come from creates better insights for actionable engagements with the right customers in the right demographic area. BI Spatial’s proprietary Trade Area methodology gives you the specific geographic representation of the residential locations that generate 70% of the activity at a center on a quarterly and annual basis. The precision-built traffic data integration removes the guesswork about seasonality shifts or wasted marketing spend towards areas in a radius or drive time ring. Detailed breakdowns differentiating primary and tourist traffic help you refine plans to target the right consumer with the most appropriate messages.

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