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How do I find Co-Tenancy situations on

Our Group creation utility will help you with this task.

First, use the START A QUERY to run a search for the first store. Then save the results as a group.

Then you have the choice of doing one of two things:

  1. Click START A NEW SEARCH (located just below the Green VIEW RESULTS button on the query screen)
  2. Run a search for the second store AND include the GROUP you created in Step 1 as one of the criteria.

Your results will show you which locations of the 2nd store cross-reference with the first list.

Or try this another way…

  1. Start a New Query for the 2nd store and save that as a group.
  2. Use the MERGE option on the group page and select the first group you created to INTERSECT with the second group.
  3. This result will show you the co-tenant locations.
  4. Save the results as a NEW group and recall it anytime by clicking the My Groups option on the menu and opening the group

You can of course apply additional criteria to the store searches so you can filter further with regard to location, physical configuration, etc. When doing so, you might also want to create the merged group and then apply these additional filters where the new Group is one of the criteria on the GENERAL INFO tab and then add the additional criteria. This way your search does not affect your original merged group and you can save your results as a NEW Group.

Click here for additional instructions and screenshots.

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