Why shopping will never be the same

Why shopping will never be the same

By Jon Swartz, USA TODAY

Nola Donato has seen the future of retail, and it is in a Magic Mirror.

The Intel scientist has designed a high-tech
mirror that shows how clothes look on a consumer who simply stands in
front of an LCD monitor. Parametric technology simulates body type and
how fabrics fit � based on weight, height and measurements.

of it as a digital fitting room. The concept is three to five years
from fruition but could open the door for Intel in the retail market.

convergence of smartphone technology, social-media data and futuristic
technology such as 3-D printers is changing the face of retail in a way
that experts across the industry say will upend the bricks-and-mortar
model in a matter of a few years.

“The next
five years will bring more change to retail than the last 100 years,”
says Cyriac Roeding, CEO of Shopkick, a location-based shopping app
available at Macy’s, Target and other top retailers.

10 years, retail as we know it will be unrecognizable, says Kevin
Sterneckert, a Gartner analyst who follows retail technology. Big-box
stores such as Office Depot, Old Navy and Best Buy
will shrink to become test centers for online purchases. Retail stores
will be there for a “touch and feel” experience only, with no actual
sales. Stores won’t stock any merchandise; it’ll be shipped to you. This
will help them stay competitive with online-only retailers, Sterneckert

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