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I meant Beacon not Bacon… Rejuvenating Chattanooga Retail… February Signs of Life… details in the latest dmm e-news

I Clicked on this Story because I Misread “Beacons” as “Bacon”

As your humble e-newsletter editor
, I learned many important things from this article. First was not to scour the internet for articles while hungry. Two, I really need to cut back on bacon. Three, beacons are a thing and may change the way retail business gets done. “Beacons,” according to, are “low-energy, location-sensitive transmitters that can detect nearby smartphones or internet-enabled devices.” How does this help retail? Retailers using beacons (the number of which is poised to explode over the next two years) can theoretically know when shoppers are nearby and push alluring deals to their phones at just the right moment.

Regional Case Study:
CBL&A and other Developers
Rejuvenating Chattanooga Retail

Retailers all across the country
are trying to find their niche in the modern world. For every RadioShack there are retailers who are looking for ways to tweak their business practices and find new methods to reach their current and new customers. The Times Free Press of Chattanooga, TN, spoke with area developers and mall owners about the challenges ahead and what can be done to “enhance the shopper experience” and keep them coming back. “I see outdoor cafes. I don’t see aluminum storefronts like a Kmart shopping center. It must be a pedestrian-friendly village,” said one insider involved in an ongoing project known as “Hillocks Farm.” Michael Lebovitz, a top executive with CBL & Associates Properties Inc., which runs the Northgate Mall nearby, told The Times Free Press that every retail situation is unique, but the common thread retail has regardless of geography is that it is always “dynamic… and changing and it’s going to keep doing that.”

Signs of Life from February Consumer Spending Report

We're always looking on the bright side of things here
in the DMM e-newsletter, and this one caught our eye. The Chain Store Guide, a provider of retail and foodservice market data, has released its February Consumer Spending Report. The CSG U.S. Spending Monitor went up almost three points. “Gas prices have gone down, unemployment rates are also down, and Americans are feeling optimistic about the current state of the country.” The CSG Restaurant Spending Index rose just over two points between December and January, thanks in part to an “increase in the percentage of adults who frequented restaurants 3 or more times a week.” For the complete report (PDF file download) click here.

DMM Water Cooler Stats and Data

With the NFL's big game in the rear-view mirror, and the endless statistical dissection of football accomplishments and deflated balls behind us, we can get back to the data that matters. Data that can help your business. DMM's data is presented and organized in a way that makes the most sense for you and your corporate interests. It starts with our 8,000+ listings with more than 300,000 tenants. And while Brady, Belichick, Wilson, Carroll, Sherman and Gronkowski may be the names that NFL fans still dwell on, it's Sephora, Ann Taylor, Macerich, Zales, Cushman & Wakefield, CBS Outdoor, Chick-Fil-A, Taubman and the rest that we focus on, so you can thrive and succeed. For more about how our customized data can score for you, click here.

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