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Reminder of the Day | DMM’s Mapping Tool

How prominent are maps in our lives today? If you have a smartphone, it's a high possibility you have utilized GPS technology recently to navigate to your destination. It makes you wonder how people have been able to get to their destinations without smartphones and mapping apps in the past. The most prominent navigational apps today are Google Maps, Waze, and Apple Maps.

It's almost impossible to get lost today when our phones and mapping apps provide us with all the intuitive controls and precise visual mapping to get to our destination. Although there are voice commands with turn-by-turn directions, most people still need visual cues with proper visual guidance of a map. That is why many consumers purchase and install smartphone mounts on the dashboard of their car, so that they can momentarily glance at it. Making sure they make that proper turn in the heat of the moment.

Here at Directory of Major Malls | we think it is important to provide crucial visual mapping and the Mapping Tool is available to all subscribers, which enables you to get a better sense of where your competitors are, what centers are in close proximity to one another and where potential opportunities may exist.

This powerful tool combines DMM's verified longitude / latitude coordinates with the powerful and helpful maps available using the Microsoft® Bing Maps API.

You have the ability to view and cross reference our 8,200+ major shopping centers using a combination of search criteria. Navigate and view clusters of centers that meet your criteria. Click the map icon while on a specific center and see which properties are located within a 5-mile radius.

By obtaining a visual representation with our Mapping Tool it will help you make better decisions in finding the right commercial property to start or continue proliferating your business.

Click here for more details on how to properly navigate your searches using the Mapping Tool.

For further information on technical support click here.

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