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The Art of Beating Online Shopping… Tennessee Mall Multimillion-Dollar Renovation… Record Breaking Events at Malls… details in our latest DMM e-news

Window Shopping: Raising the Art Form to Steal Clicks

Retail WindowsThere are millions of tourists who descend upon New York City at Christmastime just to see and experience the creative windows of the many retailers’ that line Fifth Avenue. Why is that an activity reserved only for the holiday season? Turns out, it’s not. Maybe the numbers are fewer, but shoppers and potential shoppers are constantly sizing up a store’s potential for his or her hard earned dollar based on the window they see outside. Stores in Philadelphia have gone out of their way to be extra creative to purloin shoppers away from their phones and computer terminals and back into their shops. “[I]n an era when a mouse click seals a sale in seconds, brick and mortar stores have to stand out,” wrote Suzette Parmley of the Philadelphia Inquirer. “We are going to see even more innovation in this area as stores begin to incorporate technology,” said Barbara Kahn, a marketing professor at the University of Pennsylvania.

Multimillion-Dollar Renovation in Store for Tennessee Mall

Cool Springs GalleriaCoolSprings Galleria in Franklin, TN, is now undergoing a major renovation project that is expected to be complete in October 2016. The Tennessean recently reported that the renovations come on the heels of some new retail additions and the expected completion of a bowling and entertainment facility later this spring. “The intent of this renovation is to elevate the shopping experience with a timeless and elegant design that also keeps millennials in mind,” said Matthew Beam, associate design leader with Omniplan, the project’s architect. Updates will reportedly include a facelift for the food court, new stone work and new soft seating areas. Stephen Lebovitz, president and CEO, CBL & Associates Properties, Inc., told Chain Store Age, “This renovation will enhance the overall shopping experience for our customers and will allow us to continue to attract more great retailers to CoolSprings Galleria.”

How to Get Lots of People Together in One Mall: Break a Record!

Guinnes RecordsWe’re not talking about smashing the latest Vanilla Ice tune (if that’s even a thing). We’re talking about the famous folks from Guinness World Records. Generally hosted at shopping malls all over the world, the UK-based Guinness is bringing its tour to the U.S. in 2016. ICSC recently reported that they’re touring the country to host one-day events, which could feature “the fastest stacking of giant Lego blocks; the greatest number of handclaps within a 30-second time period; and the most T-shirts that could be put on and removed within 30 seconds by a team of two. One of the main objectives to bringing in GWR Live there was to encourage shopper participation with a bit of theater.” If you’re interested in hosting, visit Guinness World Records’ contact page and drop an email to the US representative. If you can’t break a record, you can try an event like this one in the land down under: free beer.

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