Directory of Major Malls
Directory of Major Malls

Identify Closed and Vacant Anchors Stores Easily at

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A new quarter brings exciting news of expanded data and more powerful features and results to and Directory of Major Malls custom data.

Locate and Analyze vacant and closed anchor stores

Anchor store status with GLA metrics bring valuable insight for:

  • Identifying distressed shopping centers for acquisition
  • Opportunities for new sites for big box tenants and experiential retail
  • Highlighting centers ripe for transformation to mixed-use
  • Opportunity for logistics centers and other non-retail uses

Filter to identify Future Anchor Stores Openings

  • Search for shopping centers and malls with Closed, Closing or Vacant Anchor stores. 
  • Run an overall search or identify specific “named” anchor stores.

Review Tenant Lists for Anchor Store Status, Dates and Square footage

Export Anchor stores details for additional analysis

The above is a sampling of screenshots of the newest data and features at and available via custom data licensing.

Comprehensive property details, complete tenant lists, property contacts, site/leasing plans,  websites,  mobile observation and tourism metrics, segmentation and more are accessible via tiered subscription options and custom licensing opportunities. Visit our product page for more details.

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