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Directory of Major Malls

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Buying Power for Hispanics Doubles to $1.5 Trillion

Retailers that are looking to grow this year should pay
closer attention to the Hispanic market, which, according to
advertising Ager, has doubled in size this year to about $1.5 trillion.
Retailers like JCPenney, Macy's and Target are boosting marketing
efforts aimed at Hispanics, including advertising in non-traditional
digital media preferred by Hispanic women, and producing original
Spanish-language ads. “Retailers and manufacturers can’t afford to
ignore multicultural consumers such as Hispanics,” Eva Gonzalez of
Nielsen told Advertising Age.

Holidays, Back-to-School, Taxes… if There's a Season, Folks Will Shop for It

Retailers (and the media) always expect a big push during the holiday and back-to-school seasons, but is “Tax Season” really a shopping season? According to Barbara Thau
of Forbes, it can be, maybe. Thau notes that fewer Americans are due
tax refunds this year, so that could put a damper on things. However,
different surveys have produced different results. While a recent
National Retail Federation reports refunds will go primarily towards
savings, a recent survey by the International Council of Shopping
Centers suggests more of that fall-from-the-sky cash will go back to
retailers. “Just as lower gas prices have positively impacted consumer
spending, so too will tax refunds bolster our economy,” said a, ICSC
spokesman. CBS News agrees that, based on analysts' forecasts, things are starting to shape up in retail sectors.

Fire up the DeLorean and Let's Peek into the Future of Retail

There's a pretty optimistic view of the future of
brick-and-mortar retail, despite some strong indicators that online
sales are on the increase. According to a recent article by, with online retail making up just a scant 8% of total
U.S. retail sales in 2013, and Forrester Research predicting that'll
only go to 11% by 2018, traditional retailers should have nothing to
fear, right? Wrong. “Retailers are going to need to adapt the physical
store to stay relevant and compete with online retailers,” Steve Barr of
Pricewaterhouse Coopers told RetailDive. RetailDive has some case studies
detailing what some retailers are doing (and what others should be
doing) to be ahead of the curve and fight back against the online sales

DMM's Trend Demographics 

Why use Trend Demographics? They're great for clients who want to assess the size of a potential market and determine whether their products or services are reaching their most important consumers. The latest DMM Trend Demographics have been cross-referenced with the exact locations of individual U.S. shopping centers and mall locations, and then aggregated to create our exclusive, enhanced demographics data. We call them “Buffer Zones.” Our smart data “Buffer Zones” (not these “buffer zones”) reflect demographic information for 5, 10, and 20-miles around each individual U.S shopping center/mall. Click here to find out more…

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