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Most Retailers Have WiFi, But Many are Not Leveraging its Full Potential

Most Retailers Have WiFi, But Many are Not Leveraging its Full Potential

from Retail Info News
By Tim Denman – April 08, 2015


The successful use of WiFi requires more than simply flipping a switch
and offering the service to employees and customers. In order to fully
maximize its use retailers need a multilayered strategy that turns the
solution from a passive service into a revenue producer.

At RetailTechCon
2015 a select group of retailers participated in a pre-conference
workshop on the use of WiFi in the store environment sponsored by AirTight Networks.
AirTight executives shared their unique perspective as industry
insiders on the use of WiFi and offered a product demonstration on the
vendor’s solution.

The highlight of the event was a kick-off presentation from Greg Buzek,
principal, IHL Group. Buzek presented IHL’s latest research on the “Impact of Store Networks and WiFi on Customer Experience” that was sponsored by AirTight and Earthlink but conducted independently by IHL.
Although the use of WiFi in -store has become a staple of the retail
industry in some capacity, only 40% of retailers have an up-to-date WiFi
infrastructure according to the report. Another 48% of retailers plan
to upgrade their offering in the next…(read Full article) 

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