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Amazon vs Black Friday… Market Saturation Study… Influencing More of the World…details in our latest dmm e-news

Pitney Bowes Builds Study on Market Saturation and Trends with DMM Data

Our Pitney Bowes white paper, an analysis of market saturation, is flying off the virtual shelves. With coverage in various publications, including Directions magazine and the Phoenix Business Journal, thousands are learning about what they can do with the data found in the DMM database. The new white paper, The evolution of the shopping center landscape, examines broad market patterns associated with the current shopping center landscape, with a specific focus of where new shopping center supply is concentrated. Using data from DMM, the paper examines market saturation, the structural age of major shopping centers, the quality of shopping center market demographics and more, and provides new and helpful insight on market trends and opportunities. To get your copy, click here.

Millennials: Influencing More of the World than you Think

OK, we've all heard how the millennials have their own way of shopping and their own way of figuring out how to shop and purchase goods and services. Their lifestyle, it turns out, is more than a phase. It's starting to become a guide as to how the rest of us do things, and non-millennials better start learning how to be a part of that world (and create it for and with them). A Memphis, TN, “urban village” retail construction project that will target millennials, on which many millennials are working, was recently examined by Commercial Investment Real Estate magazine. “They don't want a cookie cutter retail tenants. They want to see retailers with education and production components built into the store. They want a coffee shop where you see the owner grinding the beans and a bike shop where the building and repairing of bicycles are on display.”

Amazon Prime Day Fizzles vs. Black Friday

Amazon decided to celebrate its 20th birthday by holding what it billed as a sales day to rival traditional retail's annual Black Friday event. Amazon Prime Day was for Amazon Prime members only (membership runs 99 bucks). It didn't come close. Critics blasted the modest product selection (Adweek: “… customers complaining that the discounts are lame. Compared to a garage sale and highlighted by sales on things like knee braces and granny panties, this isn't quite what shoppers had in mind.”), there was, of course, social media unkindness (Forbes: “Shortly after 5 p.m. EST, #PrimeDayFail was a top trending topic on Facebook.”) and general disappointment (USA Today: “I clicked through 'deals' that didn’t seem like deals at all.”). There was also a dig from Walmart, who took the opportunity to have a rollback sale of its own. In a blog post, Walmart noted that “the idea of asking customers to pay extra in order to save money just doesn't add up for us.”

Location, Location, Location

DMM knows how critical it is to have a visual roadmap of the physical mall location and its surrounding area. So we’ve developed a method of capturing geographic and demographic details in order to produce high-quality datapoint location. Geocoding is the process of determining latitude/longitude coordinates for a geographic feature given the other location attributes of that feature. Once a geocode is associated with a mall, we position that mall in the correct place on the maps and then calculate demographics for a distance surrounding the mall. These points are available to license for use in third-party mapping/GIS and analytic software systems. For more info, click here.

Spotlight Listing: Union Station – Washington, D.C.

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