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Directory of Major Malls

Do I have to export all the information?

Not at all. You choose the center details, contacts and other feature fields you would like to export and use for your own internal use. Once you select the EXPORT DATA button at the top right of your search results list, a screen will appear with all the available fields organized by section. You may check the fields you would like to include in your export and uncheck those you do not require.

Once you have checked all desired fields, you may want to save your new EXPORT PROFILE. This will allow you to use this same set of fields for future exports without having to go through the fields selection process again.


  • Click the EXPORT XXX LISTINGS button at the Top Right to begin the export process.
  • Choose to either open the file upon export or save the exported file to your hard drive
  • The .csv is a standard comma delimited format which can easily be opened in Excel.

Please keep in mind, with regard to the tenant lists, only the anchor stores are available for exporting. Should you require access to the complete list of tenants for additional analysis, you may want to contact our customer service department to discuss the direct off-line data licensing options which are separate from the online access available on

Additionally, as per the TERMS OF USE for the site, all data exported from the site is copyright protected and remains the property of Directory of Major Malls, Inc. This data may not be republished, or repurposed for any distribution to 3rd parties or public exposure of any kind. Details of permissions and restrictions are clearly outlined on this page. If you have any questions about allowable uses, please review this material and contact us to discuss any specific questions you may have IN ADVANCE of extracting the data. These terms were agreed to when you or your company subscribed to the website.

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