Directory of Major Malls
Directory of Major Malls

Can non-subscribers purchase DMM data on an “as needed” basis from the website?

Yes, non-subscribers may purchase DMM data on an “as needed basis”. However, please keep in mind that when doing so, the fees for these products will be based upon a per record pricing structure. Therefore depending upon the number of results in your report or contact download, it may be more cost effective to simply subscribe to the site. This way you may save money plus have the ability to access the site and the latest information for an entire year.

Non-subscribers are limited only to the custom reports and contact file formats shown. The ability to select specific fields for exporting is NOT available to non-subscribers.

To purchase reports/contact files as a non-subscriber

  1. Simply login and click RUN A QUERY in the upper right. You will be able to run a search based upon the geography, companies, stores, physical features and general demographics. You will see the count tabulating in the lower right of the screen as you enter criteria.
  2. Click the VIEW RESULTS button. Non-subscribers do not see the actual list of results but instead have the option to select which report format you would like to use for your purchase on a per record basis. As you hover over each report option in the list, the word SAMPLE will appear and you can view a sample listing for that format choice.
  3. Once you have selected your report choice by checking the box, you will be able to PURCHASE REPORTS to proceed to the check-out.
  4. Upon authorization of your credit card, you will be taken to the MY REPORTS screen to Print or download you report.
  5. You may return to the site for up to 60 days to download your report/contact file.

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