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Reminder of the Day | Using Excel for Exporting

Are you a Microsoft Excel fanatic? We wouldn’t be surprised if the answer is yes since Excel is the most prominent spreadsheet software with approximately 200 million excel users worldwide. Excel is fast and simple to understand and use; it can provide phenomenal business insight. Even if you are not a Microsoft Excel fanatic there’s much room to grow by looking at extensive resources and tutorials online. At Directory of Major Malls | we provide our loyal users with ease of access and the ability to export data to Excel without jumping through many hoops or technical know-hows.

We think it is crucial to provide users with accurate and pertinent information such as developer and owner contacts in a robust and coherent fashion. We hope that by exporting you will be able to filter and organize the information you need to improve the efficiency of your business research, operations, marketing and promotional efforts.

export data

In the screenshot above you can see a partial view of how easy it is to export data and save certain export profiles to suit your needs. By saving export profiles, it will save you time without readjusting the fields you want to export each and every time. For more details on this process, go to “How to Export Data” from our Technical Support Page.

For further assistance with data formatting, visit our troubleshooting page. You may also call Technical Support Monday thru Friday 9-5 EST at (845) 348-7000 x204.

Additional Excel Support Links:
Microsoft Excel Support Page
GCF Free Excel Tutorials
Microsoft Excel Online – (Work with others at the same time)

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