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The “Star Wars” Garbage Compactor…Shrimp Boxing…Grab that Turkey Leg Fast…details in latest dmm e-news

The “Star Wars” Garbage Compactor Scene? A Store in Korea Did It (Kinda)

You have to remember
the scene. Luke and Han have just rescued Princess Leia, and the three of them, along with Chewbacca, end up in the trash compactor as they try to escape from the Death Star. Imagine what would run through your mind if you were in your favorite mall, shopping for some hiking gear, and all of a sudden you had to do some serious hiking and climbing, for real! OK, so it probably isn't as awful as being in a garbage dump, but you need not imagine it. North Face in South Korea said, “To heck with the lawsuits, we want some YouTube clicks!” and by gum, they are worth it. Check it out (thanks to and then thank us later by Tweeting “@Dir_Major_Malls #ClimberVideo Thank you!”

Shrimp Boxing: It's a Thing and Why You Need to Know About It

In its Fall 2014 U.S. market report
, “National Retail Review,” Cassidy Turley, a commercial real estate advisor, noted that vacancy rates were going down, in particular those of the community / neighborhood / strip centers. In the report, Cassidy Turley, which frequently cites DMM data in its reports, listed San Francisco, Hawaii and San Jose as having the lowest vacancy rates (2.9%, 3.2%, and 4.4% respectively) while Reno, Memphis and Cleveland had the highest (14.8%, 13.6%, and 12.1% respectively). The report also discussed the phenomenon that's coming to be known as “Shrimp Boxing” or the trend of big box players to downsize their space needs. “While we see some clouds on the retail horizon, this sector – particularly community and neighborhoods projects – are where we also see the greatest emerging strengths,” wrote editor Garrick Brown.

Grab that Turkey Leg Fast… Black “Friday” Plans are Underway

Macy's hit the ground running this year
, becoming the first retailer to announce plans for Black Friday, which has now become Black Thursday. Macy's said it will be opening open at 6 p.m. on Thanksgiving Day, two hours earlier than it opened last year. There's been some hand-wringing over the years as retailers encroach upon what has widely been regarded as sacred family time (NFL football games not withstanding). Some retailers even go out of their way to announce their plans NOT to interfere with traditional turkey time. We also recently saw the first Black Friday advertisement “leaked” online” let the feeding frenzy begin!

DMM Game-Winning Stats and Data

With Major League Baseball's World Series now underway, that means endless dissection of the game from every available angle and direction. The nation's pastime just wouldn't be the same without water cooler debate over who the HR king is, who had the most stolen bases in World Series play, or which switch-hitter has the most bunts against left-handed pitchers during night games following double-headers played on the west coast. Data feeds it all. DMM's data is presented and organized in a way that makes the most sense for you and your business. It starts with our 8,000+ listings with more than 300,000 tenants. And while Mays, Ruth, Mantle, Cobb, Musial, Koufax, Paige, and Robinson may be the names MLB fans dwell on, it's Sephora, Ann Taylor, Macerich, Zales, Cushman & Wakefield, CBS Outdoor, Chick-Fil-A, Taubman and the rest that we focus on, so you and your business can thrive and succeed. For more about how our customized data can score for you, click here. Batter up!.

Spotlight Listing: Bethany Towne Center, Phoenix AZ

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