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From NRF – The State of Retailing Online Report 2013

The State of Retailing Online 2013 launches! 

We’re excited to announce that the results of the first survey of the State of Retailing Online 2013 study were released on January 13, 2013 as part of the First Look track at the NRF BIG Show.  Covering metrics and key initiatives for retailers in 2013, the report findings help retailers benchmark their online business and highlight areas of focus in e-commerce this year. 
To learn more or to participate in a future SORO study later this year, please contact Fiona Swerdlow, Head of Research at   
Key Take Aways from the Report:

Key eCommerce Metrics Continue To Grow
On average, the web retailers surveyed in Forrester and's annual The State of Retailing Online study saw growth of 28% in 2012 over 2011. The majority of retailers also responded that the following key site metrics improved in that same time frame: site conversion rates, average order values, and the percent of sales from repeat shoppers.

Mobile sales are Growing particularly Rapidly
While Forrester's mobile commerce forecast figures show a minority of eCommerce sales (less than 5%) coming from phones, the retailers that responded to our survey said that, on average, they experienced a 129% lift in year-over-year sales from smartphones and a 178% lift from tablets.

Mobile has a net positive impact on Retailers' Conversion Rates
Th irty-six percent of the retailers surveyed said that mobile sales and traffic have helped their company's overall web conversion rate, while 29% of the retailers said that mobile sales and traffic have decreased their overall conversion rate.

Site optimization is The Key investment area For 2013
Retailers say that their top priorities in 2013 are improving their site's conversion rates and redesigning their site experience — in other words, optimizing their site's overall performance. Many retailers specifi cally called out plans to focus on the checkout experience and to adjust their site to accommodate a responsive design framework.

Click here for the Table of Contents & Figures.

Click here for more details on the report and how to obtain a copy

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