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“Menaissance” (say it out loud) Tops Forbes 2017 Retail Trends

Forbes contributor Ian Altman offers a ten list of emerging retail trends for the coming year | Image: / Punchslide DesignForbes posted two articles recently that discussed the various trends that would affect retail in 2017. Two different authors came up with lists, one with his top ten and the other with his top seven, and since seven and ten added together comes to 17, I figured it must be a good omen for the new year. In his article, “7 Under-The-Radar Retail Trends For 2017,” contributor Bryan Pearson tapped retail experts who suggested, for example, that, “demographic shifts…will favor the special services and products that only local small businesses can provide”and that “The Menaissance” trend of men spending more than women in the marketplace will continue to grow. Meanwhile, contributor Ian Altman came up with his own top ten list of trends, which included increased success of crowd-funding campaigns for new products, the explosion of video for drawing new sales leads, and, he warned, if a retailer doesn’t have a particular expertise, they will risk disappearing. “Nordstrom gives fashion advice. Home improvement stores…offer education. Brick and mortar retailers that let you find things on your own will continue to lose market share to Amazon and others.”.

Not to be Outdone, the NRF has its Own Trends List

PANTONE revealed its Color of the Year: PANTONE 15-0343 'Greenery'. | Graphics: Pantone /FRSThough it’s not quite a top ten list, the National Retail Federation has its own rundown of “retail ideas” to start out 2017. Susan Reda of STORES Magazine includes in her list: a) the benefits to restaurants using mobile technology for customer ordering, payment and engagement; b) examples of employee retention; and c) how to choose the most appealing colors. “Last month, PANTONE revealed its Color of the Year: PANTONE 15-0343 Greenery. The global authority on all things color predict[s] that Greenery will make an impact on all industries in the coming year, from fashion…to beauty products…and home decor.”

Mall construction gets a boost in NYC’s 5th borough

Developer rendering of the under construction expansion of General Growth Properties Staten Island Mmall. Rendering: General Growth PropertiesOK, so Staten Island, the least famous of New York City’s five boroughs, sometimes gets a bad rap (one-third of the stars of MTV’s “The Jersey Shore” came from there, so at least it has that going for it). We like to kid with Staten Island because they can take it. They’re tough. And they’ve got a nice expansion project going on as we speak at General Growth Properties‘ Staten Island Mall that will reportedly include a Shake Shack and a Dave & Buster’s. The center remains open for business during a nearly quarter-million square-foot expansion. “Phase I is under major league construction and we are swinging steel. We are right on schedule. …Right now, they (Mall contractors) are building the footings and erecting steel,” James Easley, the mall’s general manager, told Phase II of the expansion is still in the design stage.

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