Directory of Major Malls
Directory of Major Malls

Mall’s “Rise from the Dead”…Busted Millennials…Evolution of Malls…details in the latest issue

DMM e-News April 2014 Issue #35Read the April 2014 – Issue #35 DMM e-News


The Evolution of Malls: Learning from the Past to Provide for a Future

Mix of Local Stores and National Chains Helps Old Mall “Rise from the Dead”

VIDEO: Myths of the Millennials' Shopping
Habits Busted

DMM's New Mapping Tool is LIVE!: The new DMM maps, powered by Microsoft® Bing Maps, are now live and available to all subscribers! The newly-updated DMM Mapping tool lets you run a query and view the results on an interactive map (using both street view and satellite imagery). You can link through to the details from the map point; you can even see which centers within the map view match your search criteria. You can even see which centers are within a 5-mile radius. For more about DMM New Mapping tool, click here.

Spotlight Listing: The Kentucky Oaks Mall, Paducah KY

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