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Directory of Major Malls

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Three North America Malls make FOX News'
“Top Ten Insane Malls” List

From Dubai (“most notably its freaking awesome indoor ski facility”) to Thailand (“one of the world's first vertical gardens”) to Minnesota (“expansion plan will include hotels, a water park and even nightlife options”), FOX News recently published its list of the top ten “insane” malls from around the world. Two of the ten are in the United States; one is in Canada. The others are in places as far away as they are diverse, including Moscow, Russia (“the entire mall is underground”) and Melbourne in the land down under (“Corinthian columns and beautiful archways”). Before you click on over to the story, take a guess as to what the top ten are. No peeking!

Giving Birth to the Ideas that Bring Consumers Back to the Mall

“Mall traffic is declining, so you have to give people a reason to go back.” That's what Gene Spiegelman of Cushman & Wakefield recently told CNBC. “The U.S. isn’t over-retailed, it’s under-idea-ed. If you have a great idea it doesn’t matter how much competition there is.” That from Bill Taubman, the C.O.O. of Taubman Centers. There's plenty of optimism to go around in this new thorough and interactive report on, which outlines some of the projects and risks that are underway. A separate article also on outlines some of the ideas yet to come in the mall of the future – a quarter century into the future. It's very Jetsons-esque: “Shoppers enter a round chamber, known as the Size-Matching Station, where a circling wand collects more than 200,000 reference points from their bodies. They are then given a personalized list of recommended apparel brands and sizes.” As long as your humble newsletter editor can get a pair of self-tying shows, all will be right with the world.

Retail Competes with E-Commerce Sites on their Turf

Ah social media, is there no better way to learn consumers secrets and passions?So far it's been one of the most visible ways to get inside the mind of the customer, and they willingly share their thoughts with the world. Social media destinations including Pinterest and Instagram are being hailed by some as “important ways to measure consumer demand and assess the movements of early adopters of retail and product trends.” That's what Joel Teitelbaum, chief executive of the iStore electronics chain, said at the Retail Council of Canada's conference last month. According to the Financial Post, Teitelbaum even suggested “artificial intelligence technologies such as image recognition are helping to make it even easier for retailers to determine what those customer preferences are.”

DMM / Pitney Bowes White Paper Now Available: 

We are proud to announce the availability of an informative new white paper on market saturation analysis that we prepared with Pitney Bowes. The paper is being released tomorrow, but you can request your copy right now! The new white paper, A Unique View of the Shopping Center Landscape, examines broad market patterns associated with the current shopping center landscape, with a specific focus of where new shopping center supply is concentrated. Using data from DMM, the paper examines market saturation, the structural age of major shopping centers, the quality of shopping center market demographics and more, and provides new and helpful insight on market trends and opportunities. Click here to learn more and request a copy of the white paper.

Spotlight Listing: Tanger Outlet Centers,Rehoboth Beach, DE

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