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ICSC – Shopper Spending and Sales/Sqft – Annual Report

Shopper Spending and Sales per Square Foot figures in 2013

According the 2014 Annual Report for the International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC)

International Council of Shopping Centers.

  • 9 Malls in the U.S. posted their highest sales per square foot ($475) ever-recorded in 2013
  • Consumers visited malls on average 3.4 times per month with an average stay of 84 minutes per trip.
  • In each visit, they spentover $97 for an average of nearly $331 per month
  • Women spent the most, averaging $344 per month.
  • Men averaged less spending at $321 per month, but actually made slightly more trips – but those trips were 10 minutes less in duration than trips made by women
  • The U.S. retail industry employs over 15 million people. Which means that 1 in 9 U.S. jobs is retail related
  • In 2013, shopping center sales totaled $2.5 trillion, which accounts for 55% of total retail sales

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