Goodbye, Supercenters: Retail Will Get Focused, Adaptable

Goodbye, Supercenters: Retail Will Get Focused, Adaptable

Karl Greenberg for Marketing Daily

September 27, 2012

Retail is going postmodern. No, you won’t be
seeing installation art at Walmart any time soon. In fact, you won’t be
seeing Walmart itself for long — at least not as a generic
supercenter-type mega-box. A tech-driven, global and intensely
competitive retail world is spinning toward a more focused, smaller,
tech-savvy universe.

It’s a place where, in less than
a decade, retailers (who survive) will be all over digital
retail and mobile technology, and store footprints will shift from
gigantic outlets that sell everything to smaller stores focused on
specific consumers and their needs. The retail world may, in other
words, look more and more like a high-tech version of a street market in

A new report from PwC US and Kantar
Retail, “Retailing 2020,” which uses data and
analyses from PwC's retail and consumer practice and Kantar Retail, says
stores need to be smaller and better equipped to deal with non-store
growth. They also need to deal with the facts of
income disparity, and an environment in which classes will define retail
channel dynamics.

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