Directory of Major Malls
Directory of Major Malls

DMMs Top 10 Landlords of Major Shopping Centers and Malls in the US and Canada

The Top 10 are Comprised of:

1,273 Properties
15% of the Universe Major Shopping Center and Malls
667+ Million Square Feet of Retail Space

Top 10 Landlords - Graph

*Note: Simon Property Group and Simon Premium Outlets are presented as two separate entities.

The Leading Owner / Developer Companies (by number of properties):

The above is based upon the MAJOR shopping centers and malls in the US and Canada according to the current dataset and standards of the Directory of Major Malls /

To dig deep into this data and extract your own conclusions such as:

  • Who owns/manages the OTHER 7,300 properties including those owned by private companies and smaller REITs
  • Which company has the most open-air community centers
  • Where is there vacant anchor space?
  • Which properties are planning to transform from their former conventional mall model?
  • And so much more
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