Directory of Major Malls
Directory of Major Malls

DMM and Downtown Decorations, Inc. – a dazzling partnership!

Using DMM data, Downtown Decorations is beautifying retail centers nationwide!


January 16, 2012


Downtown Decorations Inc. is the premier national provider of the highest quality Commercial Holiday and Christmas Decorations, as well as Light Pole Banners for retail/shopping centers, municipalities, colleges/universities, corporate offices, event venues, and trade/development/local organizations. They have developed a reputation of excellence for providing the highest quality products, and the most experienced, knowledgeable, and professional service and support in their industry.

The data they access from Directory of Major Malls Online at is helping to ensure more and more places across the country glitter!

Director of Project Management, Thomas J. Martin elaborates: �As a leading provider of commercial holiday decorations to major retail establishments throughout the US � Downtown Decorations, Inc. continually requires up-to-date and accurate information and data on not only the centers themselves, but also on the decision makers behind the scenes. The Directory of Major Malls provides us with not only detailed custom reporting that is responsible for increasing our prospecting velocity, but also provides access to their online directory that is continually being maintained and updated � our account executives are on the site daily. Their information is priceless, and their service is exceptional!�

Tama J. Shor, Publisher of Directory of Major Malls is pleased that her company�s product is such an integral part of driving their sales efforts in the retail market side of their business.

“Downtown Decorations is a perfect example of how valuable access to the most accurate information is and then developing a growth plan based on it. It�s a strategy that leads directly to new business opportunities,” she says.

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For more information about how Downtown Decorations� products bring razzle-dazzle to holidays and special events, visit!

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For over 30 years, Directory of Major Malls has provided the most accurate, detailed and timely development and contact information on the major open-air shopping centers and malls that are approximately 200k and above in size. Our listings cover the spectrum of center types including: open-air community, power, value-retail, lifestyle/specialty/mixed-use and enclosed malls.

Directory of Major Malls data is available in a suite of formats including Online access, Print directory, Custom databases and reports, and Licensed datasets for GIS integration and analysis.

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