Directory of Major Malls
Directory of Major Malls

How do I create an export profile so I don’t have to check off all the fields I want each time?

After running your query and clicking the EXPORT DATA button at the top right of your search results list, a screen will appear with all the available fields organized by section. You may check the fields you would like to include in your export.

Once you have checked all desired fields, you may want to save your new export profile. This will allow you to use this same set of fields for future exports without having to go through the fields selection process again.

To Save your new export profile, use the drop down option at the top to select NEW PROFILE:

  • Name your new profile in the field provided and click SAVE.
  • Change the drop down list of “Saved Export Profiles” to the new one you just created.
  • Click the LOAD button to show the fields marked for the profile.
  • Click the EXPORT XXX LISTINGS button at the Top Right to begin the export process.

Please note, you will only have to do this the first time you create the new profile. To re-use this export profile with future exports, you will select the PROFILE you previously created, click the “LOAD” button and then EXPORT.

Link to more details and screenshots of this process (See Step 6)

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