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Zombies and Clowns… Malls Closing for Thanksgiving?…Pop-Up Stores…details in the latest DMM e-news

Maybe We’ll See Pop-up Valentine’s Day Stores Next Year?

A welcome addition to the East Orlando dining and drinking scene, DeVine Wine Bar & Grill is a decided culinary uptick amid its strip mall brethren. Photo: Jack Gruber, USA TodayLike the swallows that return to Capistrano and the inevitable taxes we pay every April 15th, the mall Halloween pop-up store has become an annual ritual. Not associated exclusively with holidays, pop-ups can mean quick and easy income from the increased foot traffic in prime but previously unused space. Tom Jones, principal with Colliers International, recently told the Albuquerque Business Journal that Halloween store deals are great for landlords for several reasons. “One, the store occupies space and pays rent for a couple months. Secondly, the landlord doesn’t have to kick in any tenant improvements, because the store typically does their own setup.” So when will we see pop-up stores for Valentine’s Day? What holiday or time of year is most likely to see a successful pop-up store? Tell us via Twitter or on our “Contact” page.

Malls are Still the Place to be, Despite “Zombies” and “Clowns”

The Zombie Mall Apocalypse trope better describes a much larger group of middling-to-poor malls that are, in fact, in need of salvation ? or a wrecking ball. | Photo: Bloomberg NewsYour humble newsletter editor normally likes to stay away from the social media-driven hype and celeb-u-tainment pieces, but as Halloween arrives, and with a strangely reality-show-esque Election Day just around the corner  “not to mention the too-many-for-my-comfort recent creepy clown sightings” we thought it apropos to note that some also fear “zombies” in the mall. The tongue-in-cheek term certainly does not apply to all malls, not by a long shot. As this article on notes, “The highest quality shopping centers are minting money as a dearth of high-end properties drives up rents for the best locations.” The article, which features many interesting retail charts and graphs, adds, specifies that, “The Zombie Mall Apocalypse trope better describes a much larger group of middling-to-poor malls that are, in fact, in need of salvation  —  or a wrecking ball. Most of these mall owners took on 10-year loans to buy malls and other retail properties, back when many U.S. consumers and businesses alike were living large on debt. [Those loans] are now set to come due.”

Will Malls Follow Mall of America’s Lead and Close for Thanksgiving?

As more malls and retailers have extended Black Friday sales into Thanksgiving itself, Americans have started wringing their hands over what was once the epitome of family and spending time together. Mall of America, the largest mall in the U.S., has decided to go back to the good ol’ days, vowing to remain closed on Thanksgiving Day instead of perpetuating the retail savings bonanza and consumer fights for the lowest-priced big screen TVs. “We think Thanksgiving is a day for families and for people we care about. We want to give this day back,” said Jill Renslow, the mall’s senior VP of Marketing, according to this article on the St. Louis Dispatch’s website. Will other malls and retailers like these and these fall in line and do the same, or will they double down and open even earlier to take advantage of longer holiday hours? Make your prediction via Twitter using or on our “Contact” page.

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