Directory of Major Malls
Directory of Major Malls

Whitepaper: The Evolution of the Shopping Center Landscape

Insights by Pitney Bowes and the Directory of Major Malls

Authors: Gary Faitler and Tom Coats, Pitney Bowes; Tama Shor, Directory of Major Malls

New challenges present far-reaching implications.

Massive changes within the shopping industry have been – and will continue to be – constant and unyielding. The transformation is fueled by the same issues transforming retail itself. From the increasing pressures of a technology-empowered consumer to the major brand contractions/ consolidations underway within the big-box arena, the shopping center industry faces challenges that could not even be imagined just a decade past. These changes have far-reaching implications on how existing shopping centers are positioned to survive and where opportunities may exist for the continued growth of new supply.

To better understand the broad market patterns associated with the current shopping center landscape, the Pitney Bowes Applied Analytics group has partnered with the Directory of Major Malls to conduct an analytic inquiry. This includes a specific focus of where new shopping center supply is concentrated. With a deeper understanding derived from the patterns we observe, we intend on providing new – and possibly – surprising insights on market trends and potential opportunities.

A sample of our findings:

With this deeper understanding, the white paper examines market saturation, the structural age of major shopping centers, the quality of shopping center market demographics and more, and provides new and helpful insight on market trends and opportunities.

market saturation sample from PB - DMM report

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