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Reminder of the Day | How to Find Co-Tenancy Situations

Do you think the “survival of the fittest” mentality applies to retail? If so, how does it apply today? One may get the impression that “survival of the fittest” is when the fittest person survives – by striving to be the strongest at the individual level. However, cooperation and co-existence is one of the most important yet unsung factors to a successful survival strategy. If you take a look at any large scale shopping center, there are certain anchor tenants that attract a lot of foot traffic to that particular shopping center. If that anchor store happens to move elsewhere or closes down, it may have an adverse impact on neighboring stores.

By taking an in-depth look at co-tenants at shopping centers, it provides an important insight into finding your next successful location. Directory of Major Malls gives you the option to find new site to grow your brand by helping you find key co-tenants.

By using our search query you will be able to find co-tenants with ease by creating groups and merging them as shown above.

You could search by store as shown above and you may find different variations of the store name and add them all to filter your results. Then you can create a group to make it easily accessible for future searches.

For more details on this process, go to “How to Find Co-Tenancy Situations” from our Technical Support Page.

You may also call Technical Support Monday thru Friday 9-5 EST at (845) 348-7000 x204.

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