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Directory of Major Malls

Targeting the always connected and experienced shopper… The Casesar's Bay Shopping Center… Body Scanning Technology… details in the latest DMM e-news

Are you Effectively Targeting the ACES
(Always Connected, Experience-driven Shoppers)?

the brain and the five sensesThere's more to retail than just selling something people need. Sometimes they don't know they need it. Sometimes they know they need something but not where to find it, or how, or at what price. Today's shoppers are more educated than ever before. As much as customers are educated about retailers, retails need to be educated about their customers, and the many ways they like to shop, want to shop, need to shop. recently talked about “a new breed” of customer known as ACES (Always Connected, Experience-driven Shoppers), a term coined by MaxMedia, a digital retail experience agency. MaxMedia authored this article, “Measuring the non-conscious mind of shoppers,” and explained in painstaking detail what ACES are, and how, though they are never without their smartphones, “down deep they want to be rewarded when they choose to shop in person instead of online. They expect a store to seamlessly integrate with technology, but also want an experience where they can taste, touch, talk, try on or try out something before they buy it.”.

If You Only Know Bensonhurst from “The Honeymooners,” Read This

the honeymooners with kohls in the backgroundBang, Zoom! Back when television was in its infancy, America's favorite couple, Ralph and Alice Kramden, made Bensonhurst their home. While their reruns live on in TV land, Bensonhurst is much different than it was back then. The Caesar's Bay Shopping Center near Gravesend Bay and Shore Parkway is starting an expansion project that will, according to the Bensonhurst Bean, feature “food and service-oriented tenants” to go along with the Kohl's, Five Guys, Starbucks, Toys R' Us, and Best Buy stores that are already there. Helllllllllo, mall!

The Land Down Under Tests Body Scanning Technology

Katie Muirhead from Australia tries out the mPort podOur friends in the southern hemisphere are slashing clothing return rates faster than you can say “G'day, mate!” Body scanning technology is being harnessed by a company called mPort to counter rising rates of customers who return goods that don't fit. Several brands are working with the company to more accurately obtain customer measurements for snug perfection. “Surely there has to be an easier way of finding if something would fit or not, and we figured that was by simply capturing someone's measurements and using the measurements to find brands and clothing that would actually fit,” said mPort co-founder, Dipra Ray.

DMM: Partners Toot Our Horn (Thank You!)

If you're new to our site and are wondering who else uses DMM's tools and benefits from a relationship with DMM, please take a look at the “Testimonials” section on our website. There are folks there from various industries – retail, software developers, commercial property and real estate specialists, analysts and more – that all have successfully employed DMM's database and services in their businesses. While you're there, take us for a test-drive (if you haven't already).

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