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Still no flying cars…Customers, they are a changin…America, We're Rooting for You…details in the latest DMM E-news

Futurist Looks to 2015's Retail Trends
(still no flying cars)

A recent report by McKinsey & Company
, the global management consulting firm, says there are three demographic groups that retailers absolutely must be targeting: Baby Boomers, Hispanics and millennials. According to an article from Business Insider, McKinsey (which also recently reported on using big data to establish pricing), believes Boomers are “a source of big spending growth among several major categories, including food and housewares.” Retail spending by Hispanics, McKinsey predicts, will double in the next two years, and even though millennials can be “tricky for retailers” they are important because they “hang out with their friends, sip lattes and shop online – all at the same time.”

Those 2015 Trends? They're Changing because the Customer is Changing

PriceWaterhouseCoopers also got into the act
of looking at 2015 now that 2014 is just a little more than half over. On its website, the Napier Marketing Group provides a link to PWC's report “Retailing 2015: New frontiers.” NMG notes that “the retail industry is becoming more complex” due to “shifting demographics, household downsizing, more educated consumers, [and] new channel formats [that] require that the industry quickly adjust and modify existent models… to be successful and profitable.”

C'mon, America, We're Rooting for You!

Ok, so we'd just come through a nice, long, Independence Day Weekend here in the States. So what do I wake up to on July 9th? This piece of national pride-busting reporting on, with its screaming headline: “Dubai to Build World's Biggest Shopping Center.” Really? After spending the weekend ingesting BBQ, potato salad, apple pie and more BBQ, this is the article your humble e-newsletter editor needed to see? Known as the “Mall of the World” (take that “Mall of America”), the Dubai project is slated to cover 8 million square feet, featuring a “climate-controlled street network, a theme park covered during the scorching summer months and 100 hotels and serviced apartments.” Deep breath, deep breath. OK, we can set America back on the right path, right? Bring the world's largest mall here where it belongs, right? Someday… someday.

Thanks for Joining Us at ESRI's Business Summit!

Thanks for Joining Us at our sponsor table during the ESRI Business Summit and  Summit Social/Expo earlier this month in San Diego. Attendees learned all about the latest in location analytics and geographic information systems (GIS), and viewed presentations by music artist and Jane Goodall, the famous British anthropologist. We even experienced our first ever “food truck corral” (pictured below). As an ESRI data partner for almost ten years, this was our first time at the ESRI Business Summit and the first time that Directory of Major Malls/ was a sponsor and what a great experience it was. You can read more about our experience at ESRI and see some photos from the event on our Facebook page:

Spotlight Listing: Royal Hawaiian Center, Honolulu HI

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