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Brick & Mortar Retail Applauds Supreme Court Decision

Sculpture of Lady Justice | Photo: | years, the physical world has been saying it’s an unfair fight, that online retailers should be responsible for local taxes when they make a sale. Recently, the Supreme Court agreed. Some think the Supreme Court’s 5-4 vote last month to overturn a 1992 case, Quill Corp. v. North Dakota, which allowed states to collect online sales taxes from sellers only if the seller has a physical presence in the state, could be a boon for brick and mortar retailers. “Regardless of where a sale occurs, a sale is a sale and sales tax should be applied,” said Rob Karr, President and CEO, Illinois Retail Merchants Association, said in a statement to WGLT Radio. “This ruling will ensure that main street retailers—who employ your neighbors, pay property tax and support local programs—are able to compete on a level playing field with out-of-state retailers that use our roadways and other services, but up until now, did not contribute anything to Illinois’ economy.”.

Hotels + Shopping – a Match Made in Consumer-Traveler Heaven?

Simon's Houston Galleria, With two connecting Westin Hotels | Photo Simon Properties | do hotels and shopping centers have in common? The longer people stay, the more they spend. They are also experiences that people enjoy in the real world, not the digital, fake world. As such, they are learning to combine and benefit from their mutual strengths. In a recent report on about RECon 2018, their symbiotic relationship was crystal clear. “Travelers want to know that they can walk to entertainment, retail and restaurants,” said Eric Jacobs, chief development officer, Marriott International. According to Forbes, Marriott and Simon Property Group plan to add at least five hotels to Simon shopping centers in an attempt to diversify its malls and outlet centers.

Building Customer Loyalty in Three Steps

Research found that mobile AR apps can boost the likelihood of consumers visiting a retail store again, and the likelihood of them referring a retailer to a friend | Phopto: Women Love Tech | you doing any or all of these? The folks at have three ideas retail should be following to maintain customer loyalty. And in these days of online competition, despite the Supreme Court’s recent ruling, who couldn’t use some of that? So, their three ideas come down to: a) Augmented reality; b) the “Smart purchase” and c) the store as a testing space. “More and more brands are aware of the importance of users being able to test items in the store before taking them home. This is the case of Leroy Merlin, who has introduced various DIY workshops in their European stores, where participants can learn techniques for repairs and basic installations in their homes.”


DMM Tech-Tip: Co-tenancy

Co-tenancy on your mind? Co-tenancy (co•ten•an•cy, koh-ten-uhn-see) is a noun, defined as “two or more tenants sharing property.” It’s like being back in college and having a roommate.  The Group Creation Tool can lend a hand in locating co-tenancy partners that might work in your situation. It’s easy! Check it out.

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