Directory of Major Malls
Directory of Major Malls

Millennials pegged as Quirky and Unpredictable…Circle of Retail Life…Airport Downtime…details in latest DMM e-news

DMM e-News June 2014 Issue #39Read the June 2014 – Issue #39 DMM e-News


It's the Circle of Retail Life: Online Shopping Finding Value in Real World

Airport Downtime – Waiting for a Plane or Yearning for an Experience?

New Report Pegs Millennials as “Quirky and Unpredictable”

DMM Tech-Tip:

Co-tenancy on your mind? Co-tenancy (koh-ten-uhn-see) is a noun, defined as “two or more tenants sharing property.” It's like being back in college and having a roommate.The Group creation tool can lend a hand in locating co-tenancy partners that might work in your situation. It's easy! Check it out.

Spotlight Listing: Woodland Hills Malls, Tulsa OK

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