Directory of Major Malls
Directory of Major Malls

March 2013 update to the Directory of Major Malls/ site / Directory of Major Malls – Update Announcement for March 2013
It’s almost Spring. We’re finally starting to see some sunshine here in the Northeast. Let’s hope it continues!

The March 2013 update to the Directory of Major Malls/ site has just been run. We now include 7,689 listings of THE major shopping centers and malls in the US and Canada

Currently on there are:
7,689 major shopping centers and malls with 293,023 associated tenants
Current breakdown of major shopping center and mall listings by DMM Center Classification            
Community Center:                           3,579
Power Center:                                   1,372
Lifestyle/Specialty Center:                1,102
Regional Center:                                 908
Super Regional Center:                       458
Value Retail Center:                             211
Entertainment Center:                           59
TOTAL COUNT:                                 7,689
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